Temporary Site Fire Alarms


Functions of the Basic Wireless Fire Alarms

Main Activation (Red Push Button) – Activates the full alarm (Audible & Visual) on the device and any other devices on the same frequency that is paired and in range.

1Test button (Red) – Activates the strobe light and battery test LED’s on the device and any other devices on the same frequency that is paired and in range.

Reset System (Black) – Resets the device back to standby mode and any other devices on the same frequency that is paired and in range.

On/Off Switch – Closes the unit down into safe storage mode.

Alarm information

  • Class 1 Radio Technologies
  • CE Approved Radio Technologies
  • 2Complies with ETSI-300-220-1 (Use of radio technology in emergency equipment)
  • Complies with HSG168 (Fire regulations for construction sites)
  • 118DB Sounder
  • Bright Xenon Strobe light
  • Powerful and secure long range transmitter (Penetrates concrete and steel structures)

Functions of the Evacuator Defender Wireless smoke Alarms

The Evacuator Wireless smoke detector has been designed to be used as supplementary detection with the Evacuator Wireless fire alarm system, the alarms operates on the fact that an electrical current is continuously flowing between electrodes in an ionization chamber in the device and when smoke enters it obstructs the current and causes the detector to sound the alarm not only on the smoke detector but on all wireless Evacuator systems linked to the system.

  • The smoke detector will activate the built in sounder upon sensing smoke
  • smoke detector will automatically reset itself and silence
  • minimum sound of 84dB at 3 Meters
  • 3test button will perform a test of the alarm
  • green power on LED flashes every 40 seconds
  • Relay operates in continuous or pulse mode




Functions of the Advanced Wireless Fire Alarms

This is an elite emergency fire alarm system designed for temporary or fixed applications. It is battery powered and connects on a category 1 radio frequency which conforms to EN300 220 Category 1. The Communication between alarms is based on a mesh protocol which enables access from both point-to-point and multipoint.

Control panel
The control panel combines simple installation and user control with optimum performance. It constantly relays data back to the user from devices around the site. Whilst being mains powered the panel has the ability to run for one month without power due to a 6v battery backup. An LCD display screen with LED backlight and alarm buzzer notifies the user of activations and all other events, such as low battery warning and signal faults. These events can be viewed if necessary in the history folder, held on the panel. Finally, an evacuate button on the panel enables activation of all site alarms at the same time.


  •  Class 1 Radio
  • impressive connection range
  • No wires
  • Exceptionally easy to install
  • Conveniently easy to maintain
  • IP rated Call Points
  • Commercial smoke and heat detectors
  • Automatic 6-hourly system check
  • First Aid Alert Facility (optional)
  • Auto Dialler or paging facility (optional) to key holders and/or the responsible person
  • Digital display on panel showing quality of range and battery life on individual device
  • Records recent events, i.e. date, time, device number of activated alarm, signal faults, low battery etc.
  • Mountable to construction stands