The purpose of our business is to provide all forms of Construction Site Equipment Hire and temporary electrics on a cost effective long term hire to the UK construction industry with a permanent commitment to our clients and improving electrical site safety.

We are committed to

  • Being the first choice of our clients
  • Delivering satisfaction through the highest quality performance
  • The promotion of electrical site safety
  • Minimising our own environmental impact
  • Improving the environmental performance of our clients

TWS can provide a wide choice of site hire equipment for the construction sector. We offer all 110v services to include Lighting, Power extensions, Power Transformers, Fire Alarms, Security Alarms etc suitable for any size of workforce and construction project. You have complete control and flexibility to meet your precise requirements.

To find out more about Temporary Works Solutions Construction Site Equipment Hire, call one of our experts on 08450 054 2780 today.

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