Cable Hooks

Hanger For Construction


Hold up Temporary Lighting.
These are made and designed to hold up to 5kg, so the cable hooks can easy hold up your temporary lighting.





                                                                                                                                                                              Up to 9 Cables Per Hook.                   Each cable hanger can fit up to 9 x 110v cables meaning that the Hooks can easily hold your buildings requirements of cables.            




Hang from…
Scaffolding, cable trays, ceiling grids, mobile towers, doorways, joists, pipes and many more.



 Highly Bright and Visible.
Even in low light environments, the cable hooks stick out in their surroundings. So you’ll be sure not to miss them







Cable Hooks For Construction

For When Your Done.

For when you’ve plastered the walls and no longer have anywhere to hang the hangers, the cable hooks come into play, you simple screw the cable hooks into walls and have cables suspended from them.

What’s more, these cable hooks curve round enough that they can even be screwed to ceilings and roofs.








*Prices start from


Cable Hanger

Cable Hook

 1 – 99



 100 – 999



 1000 – 4999



 5000 – PLUS